Exercise reduces stress and increases your self-confidence. If you exercise a lot, and also eat healthy, it is easier to maintain your weight. You might even lose weight. You make more muscle mass and improve your posture. Exercise also stimulates the blood circulation in your skin, which will give you more color in your face. In short: you look better. This makes you feel better about yourself and you radiate that. Exercise increases your self-confidence. An added bonus: more self-confidence reduces stress and gloomy feelings with this site.

More self-confidence: gaining new experiences

A fun new experience often gives you energy, but it requires you to step out of your comfort zone. If you find that fear of the unknown is holding you back in life, take small steps toward a change or new experience. Take one step at a time toward your goal and build self-confidence. Do you long to have your own business? Can you start by working one day less so you can start something for yourself that day and build it out slowly? Would you like to play the piano? Can you go for one trial lesson at a music school with no expectations? If you have taken one step, you already have more confidence that step two will succeed and so you go on.

More self-confidence: improve your attitude

Feeling insecure and nervous about giving a presentation? Then you can simply boost your confidence by making your chest and shoulders broad and straightening your back. Just try what happens when you do this consciously. You notice that you feel more sure of yourself, you literally take up more space, it’s a kind of dominant body posture with health sites.

And others notice this too: they think you have more self-confidence if you go through life with a straight, broad back. Also pay more attention to the position of your feet and legs. By placing your feet and legs tightly together, you take up little space and suggest a sense of fear. Someone who feels sure of themselves puts their feet further apart. If you are insecure, you can reduce that feeling by imitating that position and making yourself “bigger.

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